Vet Instruments

Ideal Prima BMV Syringes Premium Line

Item No. 6006432 - 0.3ml, 6006036 - 0.5ml, 6006421 - 1ml, 6006034 - 2ml, 6006035 - 5/6ml

The Prima Bottle Mount Vaccinator is a durable, impact-resistant syringe that provides a quick bottle changing system for efficient application of all animal health injectables. The self-contained, one-handed unit is ideal for full mobility and automatic refilling of syringes without the injectable returning to the bottle. The line feed convertible barrels allow convenient change from a bottle mount to a line feed vaccinator. Premium Line Bottle Mount Vaccinators are packaged with 100mL/20mm Fast Fit, 250mL/30mm Fast Fit, three bottle collars (20mm, 30mm, 33mm), metal luer lock nut and lube packet. Packaged in a premium box with clear window.