FertiMaxx – Boar Semen Extender

Item No. 5005036 - 1L, 5005037 - 3L
    • Carefully crafted with the utmost integrity
    • Tested through rigorous quality assurance standards for chemical purity and specifications
    • New-generation extender providing seven-to-eight-day fertile storage life
    • Advanced cold-shock protection
    • Improved post-insemination capacitation
    • Non-foaming and easily dissolved formula

FertiMaxx extender was developed and designed to improve the number of fertile sperm cells in a dose of semen, allowing for semen to be processed with fewer cells per dose while still achieving maximum fertility. While other boar semen extenders utilize compounds which inhibit the sperm cell’s ability to capacitate, FertiMaxx was designed to reduce, replace, or eliminate those compounds which inhibit capacitation. The result is that a higher percentage of sperm cells in a dose of semen have the ability to fertilize.