Dry Agents

Dual Dry

Item No. 5005045
  • Dries newborn pigs
  • Dark color absorbs radiant heat to warm body core whereas light-colored desiccants repel heat (10-13 degrees warmer under heat lamp versus light-colored desiccants)
  • Limits bacterial growth
  • Twice as absorbent as other drying agents
  • Use immediately after birth
  • Use when cold, wet, or scouring
  • Use when young pigs are susceptible to scouring


Dual Dry is a dual-purpose drying agent for both the environment and the young pig itself. The dark color of Dual Dry promotes absorption of radiant heat and increases the core body temperature of young pigs. Applying Dual Dry to the mats helps absorb moisture limiting the potential growth of bacteria. The drying of wet surfaces creates a safer, more sanitary environment for the caretaker, as well as the baby pig.