DeciMax Soft Bait

Item No. 1001094 - 4kg, 1001093 - 10kg
  • Highly palatable soft bait manufactured with the highest quality food grade ingredients
  • Soft baits are made without wax to ensure more active per placement and high acceptance
  • High performance in cold or hot weather conditions
  • Second generation active Bromadiolone is effective in control of both rats and mice
  • Sachets are packaged inside plastic bags inside pail to maintain freshness

Bromadiolone is a second generation anticoagulant highly effective in the control of rats and mice. DeciMax is available in a full product offering using high quality food grade ingredients including blocks with ridges to promote gnawing, place packs for a no touch bait placement and weatherable soft bait made without the use of wax for a high performance in cold or hot weather conditions.