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BLITZ Stunner Cartridges

Item No. 6006103 - Blue, 6006104 - Green, 6006105 - Red, 6006106 - Yellow
  • Brass shell case with primer cap (center fire ignition) and propellant
  • Coloured labeling after charge: green, yellow, blue and red
  • Within the cartridges the explosive components (propellant and primer charge) are hermetically separated from the environment
  • Cartridge Specifications:
    • Red – POWER, 460 mg
    • Blue – STRONG, 410 mg
    • Yellow – MEDIUM, 390 mg
    • Green – LOW, 370 mg


A center fire cartridge is a cartridge in which the primer is located in the center of the cartridge case head. Unlike rim fire cartridges, the primer is a separate and replaceable component. Center fire cartridges are generally larger and capable of higher power loads. These cartridges are more powerful because they can hold higher pressures than similar rim fire cartridges thus, they are also more efficient for their size.