BioSentry BioPhene Disinfectant

Item No. 2002108 - 20L
  • Active: Phenol and IPA
  • Use: Alkaline, foaming disinfectant for hatcheries and farm premises
  • Activity: Kills gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Application: Spray on hard surfaces and footbaths


BioSentry BioPhene Disinfectant is a high activity 0.5 oz per gallon (4 mL/L) phenolic disinfectant for use in poultry hatcheries, poultry, swine, livestock and farm premises, veterinary clinics, and animal care facilities. Effective in 5% blood serum and 400 ppm hard water (as CaCO3). It cleans and disinfects but contains no soap to streak or dull surfaces.