Nutritional, Swine

Baby Pig Restart APF

Item No. 3003177
  • Highly palatable and aromatic: attracts pigs to feed allowing quicker weaning transition
  • Acidified to help promote optimum digestion
  • Can be top-dressed, mixed in drinking water, or drenched
  • Offered in an animal protein free formula which does not contain animal proteins
  • Original Baby Pig Restart, contains bovine blood plasma and protein, whey and animal energy sources

The transition to dry feed for a weaned pig is a challenging event.  Reduction in nutrient intake sets the young pig back in development. Baby Pig Restart is an attractant that entices pigs to eat dry feed more quickly.  In addition to getting the young pig back on feed more quickly, Baby Pig Restart also provides additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve-outs and stunting.